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Crespination is a creative or inventive act of lying during an argument about the existence of an product or invention and then later using the internet to prove its existence. True lack of knowledge about the existence of the object under contention is required for authentic crespination. Since the advent of cheap mobile internet devices, incidences of crespination are riskier to the reputation and have been in decline.

Crespination's dark side is known to all persons of an inventive nature. The chances of finding that something has already been invented are close to 100 percent if the inventor dares to inspect the internet.
Person 1: "It is annoying to hold that ice pack to your arm. You need an ice sleeve for that bee sting on your elbow." (Person 1 is engaging in crespination.)
Person 2: "There is no such thing as an ice sleeve." (Person 2 is correct based on the current knowledge of both parties.)
Person 1: "Yes, there is. Let's look it up when we get back to the farm." (Person 1 is aware that she lacks the facts to back up this statement but confident that the internet will back her up.)
by turkey111 March 30, 2011
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