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Kyman is the name given to the slash pairing of Kyle Broflovski and Eric Cartman - from the TV show South Park.
The Kyman pairing is popular with fans for the love/hate relationship and many stories featuring the two are posted up on In the vast majority of these stories the boys are aged-up and in high school. This allows the fan writers to include romance and sexual scenes.

Kyman is the third most popular South Park slash pairing after Style (Stan and Kyle) and Creek (Craig and Tweek).

There are hints given in the TV show about this relationship and the creators of South Park like to tease the slash fans with slightly slashy moments.

Examples include:
- 'My little monster' at the end of the episode It's A Jersey Thing.
- The whole Imaginationland trilogy.
- Cartman risking his life to save Kyle's family in season 10's Smug Alert.
by cell12 August 18, 2011
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