Tweek Tweak is a character from South Park who is known for his messy blonde hair, and the fact that he is always twitching. He wears a green buttoned shirt which is usually bottoned up wrong. He is seen hanging around Craigs gang who consists of Craig Tucker, Clyde Donovan, Token Black and Jimmy Valmer. Even though he is usually seen with Craig’s gang, he was once in Stans gang to replace Kenny McCormick when he died. Some people know him dude to the popular ship Creek, which became canon in the episode Tweek x Craig where the Asian girls drew yaoi of him and Craig Tucker. They have been seen holding hands and Craig even calls Tweek ‘honey’ and ‘babe’. It is seen in the episode Put it down that Tweek can play piano. A few of his personas include: Outlaw Tweek, Barbarian Tweek and Wonder Tweek
Tweek Tweak: Oh man! That is way too much pressure!!!
by Creek fan April 7, 2018
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A coffee addicteed nine year old from South Park. He has Blonde messy hair, and is known for twitching, screaming, and shaking. Mostly hangs out with Craig Tucker and Clyde Donovan. Few people know that he is gay for Craig Tucker.
Tweek Tweak is the sexyist character on South Park.
by TweekIsFuckinSexy May 17, 2011
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The most perfect South Park character. He is a beautiful angel and we all must join together to keep Tweek safe. His twitching and screaming of fear is simply a reanimated version of the church bells.
Friend: who’s you’re favourite South Park character?
Me: Tweek tweak
by Minty leaf September 24, 2019
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Tweek Tweak is an south park character.He will be my future husband.Tweek Tweak is a kawaii boi who fell in love with coffee With Meth.Also,Tweek has a "friend" call "Craig Tucker"who call Tweek "Honey" and "babe".And Tweek is a sexy babe too<3,i want kick his ass,don't kick the baby.
Anyways,i want to try Tweek bro's coffee which with Meth.
And last,"too much pressure"
And Tweek sexy<3
Tweek Tweak:"too much pressure" he sexy
by Tweektoomuchpressure May 22, 2021
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the most amazing boy ever in south park and we need to protect him. He is gay for craig tucker and his first appearance was in gnomes
by omg CREEK November 20, 2019
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