1. A person who thinks that the bible is a science and science a religion
2. A person who has done no research on the subject constantly uses non sequitur, red herrings, and straw man arguments
3. A fucking retard
Creationist: "Evolution is false because it has nothing to say on the origin of life, and because it said so in the bible."
by Ultimate Blarg March 27, 2010
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An ignorant person who feels that the bible must be taken litteraly and any science that contradics what their book says (despite the fact there are different translations of the bible pointing to different things) is wrong. That would be all of science by the way. There is no science at all to suport their ignorant and idiotic claims.
A creationist will not accept the theory of evolution, despite it being fundemental to modern biology & genetics, and do not understand what theory means in scientific literature. They realy dont like this theory at all.
They normaly try to discrace 'evolutionists' and often attempt to imply that science can only be science if it is looked at from a religious perspective when quite the opposite is true. They accept a point and then ty and prove it, the opposite of the scientific method.
Finaly most know nothing about science and simply follow their faith. Many creationist leaders give themselves the title of Dr. Nearly all of these 'doctors' aquired their degrees from uncredited degree mills.

See www.talkorigins.com for a refutal of creationist claims.
Scientist: My evidence points to this conclusion therefor this conclusion is likely to be correct

Creationist: The bible says this happened, I'll try to prove it. Hmm no evidence. I better make some up....
by Denny the enlightened May 25, 2005
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A person that believes that a supernatural, omnipotent being created all things in the same vicinity of time (1 week).
Dr. Kent Hovind, Dr. Ken Ham, Dr. Jonathan Sarfati are all well known Creationists.
by Alicia Entze March 24, 2008
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a person who believes, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that every single word in the good book is 100 percent factual. They tend to exhibit outward signs of basic intelligence and know a lot of big words, occasionally even well educated, but have the general intelligence of a shoe. See also : brainwashed.
God SAID it happened so it did! Shut up! it did too! la la la i can't HEAR you!
by J October 16, 2003
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A person who thinks he/she knows more about science than an actual scientist.
I'm a good little God-fearing creationist and I believe evolution is a lie. I'm going to get in my CAR, go to the grocery store and buy FROZEN FOOD, go buy MEDICINE for my sick wife, go fill up my car with GASOLINE, go pay my ELECTRICITY and HEATING bill, and then I'll go home to my COMPUTER and complain on the INTERNET to the world about HOW EVIL SCIENCE IS!
by The Bad Guy February 03, 2007
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One who is stupid on purpose.
See moron
Creationist Dr. Kent Hovind: OK class, today we are going to be watching a documentary called the Flintstones. Repeat after me: Yabba Dabba Doo!!
by Firewalker239 November 30, 2008
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