A weird way of saying 0, or None.
Hey wanna know how much i care about you? creashaks organzine.
by Random Guy 33 May 6, 2020
Hash code for 0. Used mainly in Minecraft to enter a seed as 0 as you can't put 0 in the seed filler; doing this results in a random seed. Typing creashaks organise into the seed filler will give you seed 0. Not a very remarkable seed. The way the Internet is going this will probably become a meme one day.
"Hey, did you know if you type creashaks organzine into the minecraft seed filler you get seed 0?"
"No, who told you that?"
"Oh, ibxtoycat."
A seed in Minecraft that will give you the seed "0". This world is known for being glitched.
Person 1: "What seed do you want me to have for my minecraft world?"
Person 2: "Creashaks Organzine"
by PigIA January 13, 2021