Knackered (as in extremely tired). Rhyming slang.
I am cream crackered!
by dan September 2, 2004
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when a person has cum over them and just get sexed again
I cream crackered shannon last night
by davy5748397 August 19, 2006
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To be extremely tired and exhausted.
Rhyming slang for knackered.
Guy 1: Wanna go out later?
Guy 2: No thanks, I'm Cream Crackered.
by Teatard January 28, 2009
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A person who is white beyond belief. One who can't dance. Either acts this way or has pasty white skin.
Damn, Suzy is such a creamed cracker!
by Kaceyxxx November 15, 2007
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Rugby players who are in fact closetted gays,wank as a group onto a cream cracker--the last on to come eats the cracker.
Hiya chaps lets get going with a cream cracker
by roger cole January 15, 2008
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Cream crackers are flat, usually salty buiscuits usually served with cheese. In other words, they are extremely boring. These crackers have a habit of appearing in your nightmares and announcing trivia, continued with the saying:" Isn't that interesting?"
Cream crackers are made of flour and yeast. Isn't that interesting?
by EmoBallerina February 1, 2011
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It's where two men are carrying someone while fucking them in the ass, without a condom, and cumming inside.
(Hopefully you know what a Sugar Wafer looks like. or filling up a doughnut with something like mayonnaise or something)
Friend 1: Guess what I did with (Blank) the other day!
Friend 2: I'm scared what did you do
Friend 1: We cream crackered (sex edition) (Insert male/female name here).
Friend 2: W....what does that even mean??
Friend 1: It means you creampie someone in the ass while holding them up.
Friend 2: What is wrong with you two
by Mew_Thing April 23, 2021
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