Used to describe something that is insane and funny at the same time.
The guy I met online is crazy nuts for believing anything I say!
by Kaylee Girl October 2, 2007
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typically a bitch who "thinks" she's right, when she's no where's close and sticking to her guns, even though she's as far off base as fucking possible, therefore making her a crazy nut job.
Andy: hey man, whats up with her thinking she's all that?
Todd: I dunno bro
Andy: Must be yet another crazy nut job. Does she have a sponsor?
Todd: Yea, bitches be crazy society
by ccourt39 July 14, 2011
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1. A fictional university to which strongbad, as well as others, have attended
2. An adjictive used do describe an event or other happining that is to be very entertaining and to be looked forward to.
Aw man you guys, this party is going to be Crazy go Nuts!
by Jeff September 11, 2003
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Verb used to describe a state of extreme excitement or euphoria. First used by Billy Crystal's Fernando Lamas character on Saturday Night Live circa 1984. Currently misused as an adjective on (and mistakenly attributed to) homestar runner.
When the last bell rings I'm going to crazy go nuts!
by Dan Brentwood September 18, 2007
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crazy, wierd, amazing, etc. First used on homestar runner.
Wow, that's crazy go nuts!

Things are just about to get crazy go nuts!
by Kaerfz September 23, 2005
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adjective. Used to describe situations in which things are at an unbelievably great state.
Why'd you have to stop us? Things were about to get Crazy Go Nuts!
by Alex April 19, 2003
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The school where Strong Bad (from is the principal, as featured in the Homestar Runner quiz.
by m2pt5 January 24, 2003
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