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cleavage, big ones O_O
a coded language for guys so that girls won't get offended if they overhear the conversation
"She has huge crazy bread!"

girl- "Waaa? What are you guys talking about?"

guys *HAHAHAHA nothing* ;)
by da12kd12agon February 14, 2008
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Back when I was a kid, twisty bread was known as "Crazy Bread". The bread is so crazy, you don't know when it's going to twist and turn. Oh yeah, it tastes crazy good too. Delete twisty bread for your vocab. It is known as crazy bread from now on...
Order two large pepperonis, and get a side of crazy bread!
by Randal Brett Butler April 02, 2008
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1. Breadsticks with butter and lots of Parmesan cheese made at the now defunct Little Ceaser's Pizza restaurants.
2. A smelly vagina.
That bitch Doreen from the pizza place has the crazy bread, both kinds.
by Dr. Literate August 06, 2006
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