A condition in which a person has their head stuck up their ass.
"He's such a dipshit. He suffers from craniorectal inversion."
by Chicka Nuts October 8, 2007
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A state of being usually adopted by middle management types whereby one's head is inserted into one's own arse. Considered to be quite an accomplishment by middle management types, given that their heads are at the same time permanently stuck in the respective arses of upper management types.
Psychologist: "The patient appears to be suffering from a chronic case of craniorectal inversion. What does he do for a living?"
Psych ward Nurse: "He's the manager of the Hospital's Human Relations team. He answers to the Director."
Psychologist: "Say no more."
by Apathetic Care Bear January 31, 2005
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Our troll suffers from craniorectal inversion.
by Xyzzy January 30, 2005
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