To be involved in shady activity
(may relate to but is not limited to drugs and other illegal actions)
Two kids standing in a dark corner of a club exchanging money for an illegal substance are involved in cracktivity
by Cosmo Wash.DC December 26, 2002
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the act of showing one's buttcrack intentionally or unintentionally; when one's buttcrack hangs out and is witnessed by unwilling individuals
Dude, there's some cracktivity going on with that chick.
by Al loves pixie stix January 24, 2009
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cracktivity is an action based on stupidity and craziness.
*friend falls from the stairs and starts laughing like a crackhead *
me: -what in the damn cracktivity is this bruh !?
by coralie.honore November 22, 2020
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Cracktivityβ€”As an example random people dancing in parking lot with no audible music playing.
by drollygirl3 November 04, 2020
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a form of questionable behavior typically performed after staying up past 2:00AM
Yo the cracktivity last night was out of control. When its past 12AM the cracktivity kicks in.
by illesttoeversteponthescene April 20, 2020
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