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A run-down house where a pusher supplied by his local dealer will sell or front drugs from (usually crack-cocaine, but may or not include oxys, perks, marijuana, hydrochloric-cocaine, mdma, extasy, mushroom, etc..).

Every location in America as a walking distance crack-shack for your convinience, even up north in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere.
To find one of these shacks, please ask any dealer/pusher/drug-user that you can commonly find in the streets or at your local stripclub (there is stripclubs even in the north-west territories.

A crack-shack is THE place where to find low grade cocaine, unprescribed pills, illegal herbs & plants and of course, crack-cocaine.

Your local & international dealers appreciate your business, and please, bring cash, we do not like to trade in useless or worthless items and we have no use for your grand-mother either.
-Hey man you know where I can find some blow?

-Ya, there's a crack-shack just down the street, and they even got hard. (Pointing a house with blankets on every window and a yard that nobody cared for in the last two years)

-Ok, thanks man.
by softsnow February 12, 2012
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Refers to a total flop house where everyone goes to party. This house is totally run down, and no room or anything else in the house is of limits.
There is usually a party going on (6 people or more) at least 72 hours each week.
Did you hear what happened at the crack shack last night?
by DGunner71 August 18, 2005
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A secret place not known by many people, only dealers and safe people, where crack is sold and bought.
Dealer: Theres a crack shack on 12 Elm Street, Bring yoself up there in an hour
Old Man: Yea ok homie see you at diz crack shack
by Chrisdamainman September 06, 2005
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A cool place to hang out with people like heleen with a one, and susan and silver and the gang. They also experiment with life on mars.
Did you hear what happened at the crackshack today? Jardeath came out of the closet. LIFE ON MARS LOL THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN
by CrackshackRULES January 29, 2009
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A crackhead or someone that used to do crack that spends a majority of there time in a garage building crappy stuff that they think is good.
Are you still building shitty stuff in your crack shack?
by yoo gotti July 13, 2012
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