A long period of slumber, that occurs after a long period of crack cocaine use.
Once that nigga took a three day, crack nap.
by krazykillakomedy January 27, 2010
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n., pl: crack-naps

1. A nap at an awkward time of day or night which leaves one feeling much worse than before the nap.
2. A nap that leaves one feeling cracked out.
"I accidentially fell asleep at 7:00 last night, and when I woke up from my crack-nap at 9:30, I felt shitty so didn't know if I should eat soomething or just go back to sleep."
by getgreg July 3, 2006
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When you think you overdosed on crack but you wake up and realize you were really just asleep.
“I can’t today because I’m going straight home to take a crack nap
by Cracknaps4ever May 20, 2019
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