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Something that one will say in reference to society, that only makes sense to .5% of humankind.
Boy in Bong Shirt: So, with all of the lower SES portion of the nation eating that specific type of food and working that particular kind of job... its kind of like a crab in a bucket.
Adjunct Sociology Professor: Umm... YES, yes, it is exactly like a crab in a bucket!
by sosa4eva November 13, 2010
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this phrase is actually understood by about 14% of the american population (the % that happens to be black). It expresses a tendency to undermine people in your family or community who are doing well for themselves- consciously or unconsciously.

Crabs in a bucket will crawl over each other to get to the top and escape - but crabs at the bottom will reach out a claw and tear down the crab who is about to escape. This definition originates in the American South. It expresses the human tendency, among those of poor character, to ghettoize or undermining - whether that is feeding your dieting wife potato chips or sabotaging your studying roommate. Micro

and then, macro - the tendency of unions to feed off each other until only the union closest to the man is left standing (see Zinn). Why unions and peoples of colors have opposed each other's interests, historically. Why nerds fear the walk home from school in every neighborhood. When you don't believe there is enough to go around, there isn't enough to go around. and seeing someone doing well causes some to seethe and take.

canadian rapper kos has a song called 'crabinabucket' that is more fun than this definition.
Her drinking and sleeping around got out of control and anyone around her winds up getting harmed by it, she is crab In a bucket.

Stop showing up at my work with your friends and being immature, that's so crab in a bucket.

Someone he knew roughed me up on the subway on the way to school before every exam and midterm, they were seriously crabs in a bucket.
by quickeditofincorrectdef March 02, 2015
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