Awesome code phrase used to discretely alert friends that there is a hottie nearby. Said while looking in the direction of the hottie so friends know where to look and then agree or disagree that the subject is, in fact, hawt.
"Do cows moo?" says a girl while staring straight ahead.

Friends look in that direction and say "yeah, they moo alright" if they like what they see.

Or they say "awww no they don't" if it's a non-hottie
by YeahTheyMoo September 28, 2012
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A distinct subspecies of cow. Noticeably different from the non-moo-cows as the moo-cow actually moo's.
Bob: Hey, look at the cows; they're mooing.

Wilbur: Those aren't cows, those are moo-cows.

Bob: What's the difference?

Wilbur: Cows don't moo... Moo-cows moo.
by General Cluck-Cluck June 08, 2003
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Many cows of the moo status. Cows that moo. Plural of moo cow.
Bob: hey look, moo cows!
Bill: hell YEAH!!!
by Full Metal Moo Cow July 02, 2006
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A type of cow that goes "moo"
Moo cow 1: "Moo?"
Moo cow 2: "Moo!"
Moo cow 1: "Moooooo!!!"
by canadianpuffhippo June 05, 2018
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a different type of cow than other types. first off, its also known as a dairy cow, and therefore makes milk. secondly, it is white with black blobs all over it. and finally, it moos. no durrr.
in the california cheese commercials, there are two different cows: the weeny longhorn males, and the kickass moo cows.

longhorn: neahhhhrrrrrr
moo cow:moo
moo cow: stfu, u ffing poser! u aint got no blobs on u! u aint got no rites to moo! MOO!
by lil smartass wigga September 10, 2006
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