Godlike sound eminates when hit

Always need more!
I got a Fever and the only priscribtion is more cowbell!
by MicTheApple April 20, 2010
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when a girl gets angry at a guy and wants revenge for something he did but he is unaware she invites him to hang out. While they hang out she gives him a hand job. Right when he is about to ejaculate she swings his penis back and forth like a bell and yells "DING DING DINNER'S READY!!!". It is like the female equivalent to a superman.
Jimmy told me I am fat and Tina is way hotter than me. So last night I gave him a "cowbell".
by sheep of norway January 15, 2011
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denotes something that sucks. taken from a SNL skit in which a record producer continually requests 'more cowbell' in a track, despite its horrendous sound.
Bill understood that his guitar playing was awfull when the crowd began to shout "more cowbell"
by mikey myke October 13, 2005
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During anal sex, you pull your penis out of your partner's ass fast enough so that it retains it's widened status, then you quickly insert your finger into their cornhole and proceed to ring it like a cowbell.
Mary Sue wasn't very pleased when i revealed the cowbell to her last night, so i was forced to donkey punch her.
by Emshizzle June 21, 2006
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facebook content, and the classic request for more of it.

facebook content.
1. I Just made my facebook account, and I could use a little more cowbell.

2. Glad to see your facebook content, but I could have used a little more cowbell.

3. About the content on your facebook page fellas, I'm telling ya, your gonna want that cowbell!

4. If you got a fever to learn more about your long lost pal and the only prescription is more facebook content, ask them to explore the space and lay down the cowbell with you! Right here, right now, with us, together...
by mortgagecommitments March 28, 2010
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Someone who always has to be seen or heard when they enter a room or building no matter what; self centered/selfish.
"Why did you have to blow that whistle when you came in..... oh that's right you're a cowbell."
by HBICMF August 14, 2011
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