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The period of time defined by COVID-19's inundation upon the world, between its first appearance in late 2019 and ends (hopefully) with mass vaccination against it.
I haven't got a haircut during covid-time. It's just too much trouble wearing a mask while sheers are in use around my head. Just ask a certain politician in San Francisco.
by fcsuper September 10, 2020
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1. A period of extreme uncertainty characterized by global public unrest and demonstrations, hyper-partisan acrimony, a health pandemic, economic doldrums, social and cultural upheavals, general unrest, and fear about the future.

2. A period when everyday activities are locked-down, when people must stay six feet away from others (social-distancing), and when the wearing of face masks becomes the norm.
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by m-fun July 03, 2020
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The time distortion in your memory because of the disruption and stress caused by the pandemic.
The Beirut explosion happened a month ago? It was a month in real time, and a week in COVID Time.
by airsafe September 04, 2020
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