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A special genre of memes in which countries are represented by spheres with their respective flags on them(except for a couple cases where certain countries are allowed different shapes, such as Nepal and Kazakhstan. It creates humor by stereotyping each country with common problems. It is the general rule of thumb in the genre that players write in "Engrish(example-"I of wantings to talk to you!")" for countryballs that do not speak English naturally.
Gags include
-Greece not paying debts to Germany
-Poland cannot into space
-China using XiXiXiXi instead of HaHaHaHa
-Sweden taking over all of the world in a world-ending event known commonly as the Börkpocalypse.("Börk Börk")
-Germany having trouble from keeping itself from reverting back to Nazism
-the Reichtangle, a rectangular character that is the supposed "Fourth Reich", and is obsessed with anschluss, often destroying its neighbors in fits of anschluss.
-Finland being drunk
-The USA must always be wearing shades, unless it is pre-American-Spanish war
-Britain must always wear a top hat
-Poland's flag being upside down(don't ask why, its one of the great mysteries of the Earth)"
-Many others
for more information, look up "countryballs"
these comics also go by the name of Polandball.
Swedenball: Börk
Norwayball: I don't understa...
Swedenball: BÖRK
*Norwayball's flag is overrun by the blue background and yellow cross of great Sweden*
Norwayball: NAHHHAHHHAHAAAaaa.... Börk?
Swedenball: Börk Börk
Norwayball: Börk
All the other countryballs: Oh dear god.... Its happening.
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by LookItUpOnUrbanDictionarh June 03, 2017
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Countryballs The Best Thing In The World And If You Disrespect Countryballs I Will Fucking Rip Ur Head Off.
man countryballs are amazing

Nice, countryball animation!
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by SomeGuyOnlineCalledTodo March 21, 2019
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1) A type of animation using countries (usually represented as people) and usually realistic wars between them. Countyballs are quite satiric and rely mostly on stereotypes. For example, in the countryball animations by "No Idea Animations", Poland cleans Toilets for England, Russia likes vodka and AK-47s, and France likes frog legs, wine, and baguettes. In countryballs, the following flags are usually flipped over: Poland, Indonesia, and Monaco (however, Monaco and other microstates aren't used often). Some countries, like Kazakhstan, are bricks.

2) A ball that you buy from the store (like a soccer ball) but with a picture of a country or country flag as its design.
1) Why is it that microstates aren't used often in countryballs?
2) Wanna play soccer with my new countryball at the weekend today?
by AnimationGamer November 15, 2017
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These are countries represented using spherical shapes. A good countryball Youtuber is No Idea Animation. My favorite countryball gag is Can Poland Into Space. The non-English speaking countryballs speak broken English. The non-ball shapes are Tringapore, Nepal, Reichtangle, and Israelcube.
Countryballs is the best!
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by Countryball Lover December 25, 2019
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countryballs are spheres with a country's flag a common name for Countryballs is Polandball they exist to be simple and to be stereotypes
americaball: gib oils
middle eastern countryballs: no
americaball: *sends out 5 nukes*
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by helloboymandude January 17, 2020
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