Koog-s. A group or pack of cougers, usually lead by the Cougula or alpha-couger. Mature women that prowl through 18+ clubs, resteraunts, and grocery stores in search of young men. See cub, Whole-Foods
Dude, I went to Whole-Foods and there were hella cougs there! One of them, I think it was the Cougula, bought me a sandwhiche and then gave me a ride in her red convertable!
by Deadwait March 1, 2009
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Name for all students and alumni at Washington State University (only the best damb school ever). The loudest school per student.
Little Sister to Older Sister: I want to go to WSU because those cougs are so awesome
by coug princess March 18, 2007
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1. The inability to keep a lead in a sporting event;
a) to lose a game in the last minute or second.
b) to surrender a walk-off homerun or lose in sudden death

2. Incomplete; to not finish a task; to stop prematurely.

3. To be shot down in a social setting.

see also: Coug It
Orgin: This term is used by the alumni of Washington State University Cougars for their athletic teams lack of ability to win big games after holding large leads against top ranked teams and the University's archrival the University of Washington Huskies. Games are usually lost in the last seconds.
1. Wazzu couged it when the Huskies
kicked a field goal in the last second.

2. Mike was getting his freak but couged it before he hit her spot.

3. Mike couged it when he tried to get her number.
by Aph Roman February 27, 2004
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The uncanny ability of the Washington State University football to team to, despite all odds, lose football games at the last possible moment in a spectacular display of giving the football to the other team.
Couging it - the 2013 New Mexico Bowl
by Sad WSU fan December 21, 2013
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Refers to the Washington State University (Cougars) football team:
1. To snatch defeat from the jaws of victory
2. To lose when there is no possible way to do so, and to do it in a particularly spectacular manner
It looked like WSU was going to win the game, but they decided to coug it.
by otter03 December 5, 2010
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Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Blowing a lead. Losing a game when you have already defined the win.
The Washington State cougars were kicking ass until the fourth quarter when they fumbled three times instead of running out the clock. They Sucked so bad they were Couging it.
by Firemanart December 22, 2013
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An older woman noting a handsome much younger man. Similar to "I'd tap that".
"Check that guy out!" -Cougar A

"I would so coug' that." -Cougar B
by yama girl January 21, 2010
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