the scrumptious national food of the magical land of minigirl. is best served with extra pickles, cheese, and bun seeds. some variations of this delectable dish include sweet and sour sauce.
by nickche February 03, 2009
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Basiclly grinding,it could be one girl and their is a guy in back of her and in front of her or one guy with a girl in front and back of him.Also, two girl dancing face to face while a guy goes behind each girl.
Melissa:"while me and taylor were dancing together derek went behind her and tyquan went behind me,we were in a sandwhich"
michael:"i was dancing with michelle and chelsea it was the best sandwhich ever!"
by Mimi_licious April 02, 2007
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A sandwhich is when you stick lunch meat, condiments, and other sandwhich material in a girls vagina and eat it.
I was eating her sandwhich
by The Rapist=therapist May 07, 2011
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