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A disorder where autocorrect never works when you want it to.
Gonna wtach a movie later
Apparetnly I have correctile disfunction
by SoulofDeity April 05, 2015
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Refusal to proof read an essay, because it's taken you so long to do/is so boring/is so close to the deadline that you can't be bothered/don't have time to read it again and correct errors.

Commonly experienced at university where there is a frequent need to produce large bodies of work on boring subjects.
Dam, I didn't get 40% in my essay. I'm sure it was awesome when I wrote it.

What do the tutors comments say?

"Constant spelling errors throughout. Totally detracted from the subject, essay does not make any sense."

Dude, didn't you proof read that shit? We had weeks to do it.

Didn't finish the first draft until 2 minutes before the deadline. Had to smoke crack all night just to stay awake and finish it.

Sounds like you suffered a serious case of correctile disfunction.
by RLD123 April 01, 2011
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A nervous system disorder involving the inability to prevent oneself from interrupting conversations they’re not a part of in an attempt to offer corrections on the subject at hand, but fail to provide anything of value because they actually know nothing of the subject.
Hey, don’t listen to them, Jordan. They don’t know anything about Rocket Science. I think they have correctile disfunction.
by FantasticTalkingFox June 13, 2019
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