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a yummy pastie thing from cornwall, however the addictive things can often be found in other places in the united Kingdom, however do not be fooled for Cornish pasties are tricky little creatures you buy one and 5 seconds later their gone! where'd it go you ask, well look at the person sitting next to you for the stole it from you for its yummy tastyness!
Brittany:have you ever had a cornish pasty
Meg: wats that
Brittany: stupid americans
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A small 3 legged animal found out in remote areas of cornwall related closely to haggi (native to scottish highlands). Hunted to near extinction in the 18th century, this animal has now been taken in as an endangered species and bred in undisclosed sanctuaries as the primary ingredient in "cornish pastys". The flavour is often mistaken to that of beef or lamb (although cheap misrepresentations of a true pasty are commonplace).
Until a few hundred years ago cornish pasty hunting was a day to day activity for royalty and upper classes.
by Thrashasaur June 16, 2007
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The oldest known form of contraception first implemented by 16th century Welsh settlers to Cornwall. Now a tasty lunch-time snack.
"Evelyn's pregnant again word is Clarence was going at it and his meat broke out of the pastry",
"Oh Egbert you tell such elaborate stories"
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A move in penis puppetry when the scrotum is stretched out and pulled tight to cover all of your genetalia. Therefore, your cock and balls form the pasty filling and your sack, the delicious pastry casing. Advanced performers of this move can also achieve the 'braided ridge' effect of a real-life cornish pasty.
We were having a show-off, and one thing lead to another: I ended up busting out the cornish pasty.
by MrKoi May 15, 2007
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morphology of gents groin area in very tight, highly hitched pants - see also camel toe syndrome.
by Lionel Wildfowl January 06, 2003
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