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It is a variation of Cock Sucker. Based again on an SNL/Tina Fey skit, much like the Colonel Angus skit. Better said with an italian or spanish accent.
I'a like bein'a cork soaker. I'a been soakin da corks aaalllll my life. I soaka da bigga fat ones and'a da loooong skeeeeney ones!
by JHo March 31, 2005
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Comedic replacement word for "cocksucker". Even though SNL used the word in one of their sketches, they are not the originator. This word goes back to at least 1970, if not before, by the late, great, comic Redd Foxx on his old "dirty" record albums, way before the Sanford and Son TV show. I used to have the LP with this on it, don't remember the name of the album.
Redd Foxx audio comedy bit where he talks about people who soak corks for wine bottles whom he calls "cork soakers" as well as people who make frocks for expectant mothers, whom he calls "mother frockers". Foxx then talks about a convention which happens to host both groups, and states "I have never seen so many drunken mother frockers or cork soakers in my life".
by dannykewl December 04, 2012
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A derogatory term to call someone instead of "cock sucker."
That cork soaker just hit my car.
by zach September 06, 2004
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As known from the SNL skit, a Cork-Soaker. Basically this term, is stretched from the term, "Cocksucker", to Cork-Soaker. It can be 2-Worded without the hyphen, but preferred with the hyphen. Yet, commonly known and widely used. It can be used in different ways.
"Hey look at that woman, she must be a good Cork-Soaker."
"Hello ladies, are any of you good at soaking corks?"
"Man, I want her to soak my cork."
by Blast Motherfucking Radious April 07, 2015
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