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Oh damn, Khalil, look at that sweet coontang!
by m j f February 15, 2004
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Sweet Chocolate pie... of the furry variety
1) My friend had some tasty coontang after dinner in NOLA

2) MA! Kenny had some coontang. Can I have some?
by Pie Lover October 03, 2003
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When you score with a black person and end up having rough intercourse.
Ian : How was your night on Saturday?

Cameron : Amazing mate, got some serious Coon Tang.
by Coonster February 25, 2013
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Roast beef, black vagina, nasty black vag... Optional side of watermelon and grape koolaid.
I'd done gone done me some juicy coon-tang,
by Afro Will March 12, 2008
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