1)To cleverly plan or scheme.
2)To create through improvisation
1)John contrived a way to get large amounts of money with minimal effort.
2)Sam contrived a swing out of a rope and some scrap wood.
by a_cat July 25, 2005
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Something that is created in a way that feels artificial and unrealistic, as apposed to something that arises spontaneously through nature.
Waluigi was only created for the purposes of giving Wario a Tennis Partner; He only exists to be Roster Filler. Contrived because he wasn't created organically through the creators own passion.
by DeScRiPtOr92584 August 19, 2018
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Bill sounded so contrived when he pleaded not guilty
by shaun holbert December 5, 2003
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Something produced to look "all new" and shit but having the same content and atmosphere about it. These things are but are not limited to: actors, comedians, designers, TV shows, music, toys, appearance, sexual activity, even so much as a state of mind.
" I don't know, man...everything in our culture in this day and age is so contrived."

"pixar and dreamworks movies are very contrived"

"Hipsters actually are EXTREMELY contrived."
by Dystyl April 6, 2012
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Something that happens in the plot that is highly unlikely to happen, though still technically possible.

Different from plot hole as a plot hole is something that should be impossible to happen.
A scene featuring Q giving 007 his gadgets is a staple of James Bond films.
Now imagine if the film did not feature this and we see 007 using a never-before-seen gadget to get out of a tight situation. This would be a plot contrivance, as the audience would have zero reason to believe that 007 would have a gadget of this kind, though him having this gadget is still technically not impossible, preventing it from being a plot hole.
by Three-Eight January 22, 2019
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A proven willingness to creatively modify scripture, oppress alternative translations and categorically deny contrary, dis-confirming evidence ... all in a desperate attempt to satisfy the criteria of messiahship.
If you came to understand that the 'virgin birth' was ecumenically contrived, would you still need to believe it? What about walking on water...?
by YAWA February 5, 2018
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