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small town in the very tip of northeast ohio. the school administration at CHS reaches near retardation as they make up rules about anything to suck the fun out of students lives. more than half the population will grow up and continue living in conneaut on welfare while voting down the school levies so they will have to pay for taxes that dont concern them because they are poor lazy cunts who cheated life by having 50 kids so they can live off food stamps and not work a day in their life while the very few hard working citizens that reside here in this shit town will work 6 days a week to barely make it paycheck to paycheck. in conneaut everyone knows lazlow, the crazy guy who rides his bicycle everywhere and is harassed by nearly every teenager in town once they get their license.
by peter garza February 09, 2009
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a small dirt poor town, filled with old farts, and wannabe drug dealers. Every kids occupation is to; have sex before 9 years of age, get pregnant, smoke weed, and drink till they get caught. The high school, is gross and filled with diseases. the kids that attend the high school are fucking gross welfare kids that like to wipe there shit all over the schools bathrooms. Every one knows what welfare is in this town. The people here are fat as fuck and don't wanna do shit, cause they there whole life they wanna drive in there cars, ever heard of walking fat ass's?. Kids here use bomb threats, to get out of school, talk about pathetic!. every one knows of lazlo- a old fuck that were short up to his tits, and socks up to his poop stain under wear. We should be know for the world most trailer parks, there's so many who can keep track. All the dirt bags here have the nicest cars, they try to get fired from here jobs to get unemployment checks, and food stamps. We have more abortions that the whole state of California. we are home to the wiggers. the white kids try to act all black and gangsta and shit, talk about whitetrash. what can you say this town is shit!
sex, sex, sex. drugs. drugs, drugs, drinkin, drinkin, drinkin; yep your in conneaut " home to the welfare, and fat lazy ass's"
by Conneaut September 09, 2011
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A small town in north-east ohio with the shittiest, white trash people around would be Conneaut. almost all of conneaut is living off of welfare and food stamps, thinking they are black, when in all reality, there is at the most 8 actual black people in the whole city. conneaut is a place full of disease ridden whores, wanna-be drug dealers, and crazy white families. 95% of all teenagers that live in conneaut will never leave because they take after their parents and start popping out babies at 15, and also they are not fit for anywhere else in the world because conneaut is a place like no other. on a plus side, when teenagers get bored they can drive around and play wheres lazlo and look for him riding on his bike with his lawn care equipment, hawaiian shorts, tube socks, tank tops, and his wig. so, by taking a trip to "connea-rot" it wont be one you will soon forget!
i just went to conneaut and came back with aids... All i did was take a walk through their high school....
by PaiRynGiaKen July 24, 2011
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Conneaut is a place where you would never want to live. the schools are terrible, theres a lot of bullys, drugs and immature douchbags. the poverty is so bad that most of the businesses in conneaut close and get selled out, there are hardly any stores to shop at, most of the people are on welfare, food stamps and wellcare. theres nothing to do in conneaut. small ass town with weirdos and scumbags.
when I went to conneaut I got critizised because I sat on my fat ass all day doing nothing and eating mcdonalds. gotta go on wellfare now since I just got fired.
by fartingass January 01, 2012
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A small lakeside town in northeast Ohio that is suffering from the poor economic situation, much like the rest of the nation. The schools have been revamped with new elementary and middle school buildings, but the vintage high school has only received a small facelift, and still holds historical significance. Conneaut is home to the Spartens, but the football team is yet to win a game. The band, under the direction of Mr. Smith, is fairly decent. The cheerleaders are a sad sight to see, but don’t control the school like in typical high schools. Such a task is left to the volleyball players, a group of elite preps that socializes with the football players. Intellectuals who run for class president are usually beat by members of the “popular” crowd, who aren’t the most creative individuals. Many of the Conneaut teenagers participate in the tradition of going to the sporting events or bowling on Friday nights, but it is suggested you bring a jacket to the football stadium. The stadium isn’t the best, and the high school doesn’t have bussing, but instead of spending money on unneeded comforts like those, Conneaut prefers to be environmentally friendly with two new windmills. Conneaut is truly a city that cares about bigger issues than drugs and the fact that the children pride themselves in acting like they’re “gansta”.
I just went to Conneaut to visit my cousin. We went to the beach, the park, the library and then to a football game. I was surprised to see she wasn’t sad when her team lost… She said she was used to it. Some weirdo named Lazlo asked if we could give him a ride at the library, and all these boys with saggy pants thought they were cool when they really weren’t.
by Conneaut High Schooler September 24, 2011
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a small dirt town in northeast ohio with most of the population being old farts and methheads,most of the home town heros cruise to the PD(public docks) to get a view of lake erie and to get the great crisp smell of shit, you cant go down the street without encountering a whigger who thinks he will kick your booty.
you got to love the conneaut
by peter alesstron April 26, 2007
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