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a small dirt poor town, filled with old farts, and wannabe drug dealers. Every kids occupation is to; have sex before 9 years of age, get pregnant, smoke weed, and drink till they get caught. The high school, is gross and filled with diseases. the kids that attend the high school are fucking gross welfare kids that like to wipe there shit all over the schools bathrooms. Every one knows what welfare is in this town. The people here are fat as fuck and don't wanna do shit, cause they there whole life they wanna drive in there cars, ever heard of walking fat ass's?. Kids here use bomb threats, to get out of school, talk about pathetic!. every one knows of lazlo- a old fuck that were short up to his tits, and socks up to his poop stain under wear. We should be know for the world most trailer parks, there's so many who can keep track. All the dirt bags here have the nicest cars, they try to get fired from here jobs to get unemployment checks, and food stamps. We have more abortions that the whole state of California. we are home to the wiggers. the white kids try to act all black and gangsta and shit, talk about whitetrash. what can you say this town is shit!
sex, sex, sex. drugs. drugs, drugs, drinkin, drinkin, drinkin; yep your in conneaut " home to the welfare, and fat lazy ass's"
by Conneaut September 09, 2011
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