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An arrogant son of a bitch who only thinks with his penis and probably has more brains in that head than the one resting on his shoulders. He complains way too much about things that don't matter whatsoever. He is selfish and usually pushes everything and everyone thats best for him, away. Apparently, he likes "man whores" (slutty girls that look more manly than chuck norris). Maybe this is because he let his best friend give him a handjob and he liked it a little too much. Maybe its because he's a closet homosexual. Who knows?
He is so much of an asshole, it's almost as if he is a connan.
by richyblake December 12, 2010
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One of the nicest and one of the sexiest lads you’ll ever meet and has a huge penis and would happily show everybody. He has the best eyes that you will ever meet.
Emma: yeah that’s connan, I’ve seen his big thing

Mollie: yeah I have too, it’s huge
by Connan May 30, 2019
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