Visiting your partner who is currently in prison to have sex with them. Conjugal visits often motivate inmates to maintain good behavior.
Steph: God damn Bernie Madoff is a spunk!

Ashley: Yeah, I'd pay him a conjugal visit!
by Pepperonilawl September 27, 2009
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Verb. The process by which sexually introverted computer geeks invent random words to define various bizarre sexual practises that they will never get to perform, simply to have them published in Urban Dictionary in the hope that they can mention them when playing MMORPGs.
As if u have ever made a strawberry shortcake, u r conjugal confabuflating. U r a cc-er
by FiKriss December 17, 2009
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The conjugal duty is a religious duty within marriage to have sex on a regular basis. Rather than a chore, sex within marriage therefore becomes a religious obligation that very much pleases God. The concept is biblical and is promoted by many Christian churches.
The priest asked the wife whether she had performed her conjugal duty.
by Aliases September 15, 2012
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insertion of the arm into the anus, then violently twisting the hand.

also see wet albert, moist albert and wet adam
He gave her a wet conjugate last night
by asdfghjkl January 27, 2005
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When a married couple resorts to using deadly toxic flatulence during their fights in order to get a leg up on the other in order to win the arguments.
My parents were the poster couple for conjugal fart wars, there was no way you could remain in the room during one of their powerful disagreements!
by Dr Bunnygirl May 19, 2021
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A vacation to a tropical destination primarily for the purpose of 'getting some' when you typically are not able to - for example when both parties are geographically separated due to work. Also referred to as a CTV
I'll give you some tips on how to get him to take you on a CTV (conjugal tropical visit).
by Ctv2016 August 28, 2016
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An e-mail address shared by a couple (married or not) who likes to apply their "coupleness" to everything.

In many cases, the e-mail address was originally the guy's but when "couple status" was attained, the girl claimed co-ownership of the guy’s e-mail address. Sometimes this may be a case of the girl (or guy) being territorial. Sometimes this may even be a case of the girl (or guy) going loony as she (/he) thinks that she (/he) is the other person as evidenced by her (/his) eagerness in replying to all e-mails addressed to the original owner of the e-mail address.
bjones@...... is our conjugal e-mail address.
by Layang July 10, 2008
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