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1) The undesirable aftermath of the failure of a condom (or any other contraceptive device). Notable results (condooms) are unwanted pregnancies and social stigma, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.

2) An individual actually born as a result of a contraceptive failure or unprotected casual sex.

3) (slang) A pathetically undesirable/despicable individual.
1) Avoid a condoom - use a condom!

2) Research says there are more condooms in civilized society than in the shanty towns!

3) Get lost you pathetic condoom!
by killerdove July 01, 2011
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A terrible accident involving sex using a condom. If the condom breaks while fucking a girl who is known to not be using personal contraception or who is known to have an S.T.D of some sort.

Also applicable to femedom. Femedoom
10:00 pm (A bar somewhere)

John = wanna come back to my place and fuck?

Cindy = Sorry John, i have aids and not only that but im known to get pregnant incredibly easily.

John = DOnt worry cindy, i have these condoms!!

Cindy = Oh, well ok then. That would be lovly!!

10:30 pm (johns place)

Cindy = Oh god, oh god, oh god...

John = Oh god, oh god, oh god...

Cindy = oh god, oh....wait...something feels different...

John = oh g....wait you right...HOLY SHIT!! The condom has broken!!


John got condoomed.


by MylesBaRD December 28, 2008
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