2 definitions by just your average lad

An extremist feminist. Basically, every single damn one.
Femishit 1: Did you see that PRIVILEGED WHITE MALE over there? He assumed my gender than called me a cunt!
Femishit 2: It's like these people don't even know what the Genderfluid-Trans-Bi-White-Male-Woman gender is! All these men are so inconsiderate!
by just your average lad March 08, 2018
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Used to describe an incredibly good joke. Most commonly used for sex jokes, inside jokes, or anything that isn't funny at all.
Guy 1: What's big, white, and hard?
Guy 2: A dinosaur bone?
Guy 1: No! MAH DIHCK!
Guy 2: That was "hilarious"! Comedy gold right there, man!
by just your average lad March 19, 2018
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