A canadian beer with 6.0 alcohol content. Made for shot gunning beers.
1. 20 cold shots will get you fucked man
by T-Stack January 27, 2005
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An insult to someone's intelligence or ability, or describing an individual who is struggling to keep up with the rest of the pack
. A 'cold shot' refers to a steam-catapult launch from an aircraft carrier when the steam pressure is too low for the launch weight of the aircraft; on reaching the end of the deck, the aircraft is going too slowly for safe flight and may drop dramatically, or even (in extreme cases) ditch. If ditching is avoided, there follows an agonisingly slow climb away with the handle jammed forward and all the gauges pegged in a desperate attempt to gain height and speed.
"So what's the new guy like, any good ?"
"Man, he's flying off a cold shot."

"How's the training going ?"
"I feel like I'm flying off a cold shot"
by Eighth of Seven January 07, 2007
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Taking the first shot from a sniper rifle with a clean barrel. Extremely difficult, you have to anticipate where the shot will go. only after the first shot you can adjust your dope (Data On Previous Engagement). also after a first shot is fired the inside of the barrel will set on carbon residue that will change the flightpath of the bulet.
jim started the ambush with a cold bore shot from 1'500 yards away. one shot one kill.
by speuz July 28, 2011
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The Cold Blooded Shot should only be consumed by birthday folk. It consists of the following:

Equal parts of Gin, Tequila, Bacardi 151, scotch and jager. Add a splash of Tabasco sauce and a dash of ground black pepper.

I can't believe he didn't puke after that Cold Blooded shot.
by Drewzie89 October 25, 2011
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a cold war shot is a shot made by a sniper over a great distance, usually over one mile.
Did you hear about that one guy who made that 2000 yard shot?

Thats a hell of a cold war shot man.
by RadicalApex August 25, 2008
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