n. Sliced cold cooked meats. Used for sandwiches or served rolled up on a party platter. Often used in plural; 'cold cuts'.
"Whenever I ask my Mom to buy cold cuts so I can make some sandwiches she always gets bologna. I fucking hate bologna."
by Bruff July 19, 2006
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Cold cut refers to a situation when a couple breaks up and one or both of them want to cease every form of contact or friend zone relationships. It's like a case of 'out of sight, out of mind'
My ex- didn't survive the cold cut and came back begging me to hook up again
I'm sorry Marry, this is where we stop this painful romance. And I suggest a cold cut so that both of us can move on
by Samon Biaou May 27, 2006
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(1) v. To cut mercilessly and without remorse

(2) v. To prepare in the manner of sliced deli meats.
I'm'a cold cut you, bitch
by Tha Real Cold Cutta October 25, 2010
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The act of launching cold cuts at car windows
"Holy sh!t, look at that salami slice on my window!"
"Looks like some kids went cold cutting tonight."
by Time7 April 16, 2014
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A vagina with an abundance of labia with many folds that resembles a cold cut sandwich. Often accompanied by a fat labia majora resembling the bun
Do you have any mayo to go along with the cold cuts?
by MamoonJ June 13, 2008
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