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n. Sliced cold cooked meats. Used for sandwiches or served rolled up on a party platter. Often used in plural; 'cold cuts'.
"Whenever I ask my Mom to buy cold cuts so I can make some sandwiches she always gets bologna. I fucking hate bologna."
by Bruff July 19, 2006
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A vagina with an abundance of labia with many folds that resembles a cold cut sandwich. Often accompanied by a fat labia majora resembling the bun
Do you have any mayo to go along with the cold cuts?
by MamoonJ June 13, 2008
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1. A legendary british dance duo, who made possibly the best song against any government ever, titled not so originally: "Revolution".

2. Cold Cut Ham

2. I would like a pound of ham..
by Zipwolf June 23, 2005
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Cold cut refers to a situation when a couple breaks up and one or both of them want to cease every form of contact or friend zone relationships. It's like a case of 'out of sight, out of mind'
My ex- didn't survive the cold cut and came back begging me to hook up again
I'm sorry Marry, this is where we stop this painful romance. And I suggest a cold cut so that both of us can move on
by Samon Biaou May 27, 2006
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(1) v. To cut mercilessly and without remorse

(2) v. To prepare in the manner of sliced deli meats.
I'm'a cold cut you, bitch
by Tha Real Cold Cutta October 25, 2010
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A fun nighttime activity. Under the cover of darkness a man or woman sneaks into a morgue with a shoehorn, white mask, and a tuna grinder. Only after finding a deceased woman can the wild sex begin. The shoehorn is only necessary if the corpse’s pussy has become too stiff for penetration.
β€œCan cold cuts give cold sores?”
by Nob April 28, 2004
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