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A female of ill-repute who will perfom sexual favours for cocaine.
Also a species of Salmon.
Pull out that big fat 8-ball if you want a hummer from her, she's a coho.
by Coosit September 09, 2003
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A city located on the western side of the Hudson River in Albany County, New York with a population of who gives a shit.

The most recent United States census reports that 12.3% of Cohoes is "African American". Upon complaints the census conducted a door-to-door campaign which resulted in an unrecorded change from the original 12.3% to 1.4%. The census bureau workers reported seeing an overwhelming amount of new shoes, fubu and southpole clothing.

Cohoes is widely known for it's habitual tweakers (methamphetamine users), level 3 sex offenders, arsonists, flaming homosexuals, douchebag cops and it's high eastern european population.

In the city's main park you will find a monument dedicated to incest.

Some traditions in Cohoes are getting pregnant before the age of 18, smoking newports and drinking 40's of cheap beer (even while pregnant), pretending to be from Troy, Latham, Waterford, Maplewood or Colonie.

Cohoes is home to a single high school, where gangsters roll up on unsuspecting 'foos' and threaten to steal their fellow students EBT (foodstamps) cards. I say threaten because these gangsters are actually white posers (they pretend to be italian or colored).

In the past decade scientists and physicians alike have become fascinated in an epidemic which has seemingly overtaken the small city. The virus is known as "staring". Rest assured, if you drive through Cohoes you will be stared upon and maybe put into shock by their dirt smudged faces and yellow teeth.
All persons herein mentioned are from or are employed in Cohoes unless otherwise stated.

Person A: Look at the person from Cohoes!
Person B: How do you know they're from Cohoes?
Person A: See definition above!

"It's a sad, sad thing that dental hygiene is non-existent in Cohoes..."

Person A: Hey man, you get the new Jordans?
Person B: Nah, my FICA check hasn't come yet...

Person A: Hey man, you got any doritos?
Person B: Nah, my foodstamps haven't come yet...

Person A: Hey man, you got some crystal?
Person B: Hells yes
by Someone not from Cohoes! April 30, 2006
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Slutty girls from the city of Cohoes, NY. Also referred to as 'Skullys'.
Person A- Look at those sluts
Person B- Yeah, I know them, they're co hoes.
by Not a Co-hoe October 13, 2007
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1. The shortened version of "The Company House", a popular folk venue located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Used most by the frequenters and supporters of the space.
2. A community of people who have developed a culture surrounding the venue.
1. Retro Night is swingin' at the CoHo.
2. We're CoHo, yo.
by 4v8 February 03, 2010
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Wing Girl

A female that enjoy hanging with just the guys.

Elite Class of women that is truly good friend and likes to play hard.

Adult tomboy that likes it ruff.

Damn, wish my coho was here...
by SteaminBeamin March 09, 2009
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to ignore an individual and/or avoid hanging out with said individual.
"i just coho'd matt!"
"she's ignoring all my calls.. i'm being coho'd :("
by kingzkrew July 04, 2009
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Co-operative hoes. Hoes that work together.
Me and Sham are co-hoes, working together, through the hours of the night!
by sunshiiine April 27, 2012
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