a group of animals, prisoners, or slaves chained together in a line
"All the way up until 1986, my barracoon played home to a coffle of twelve: 3 quadroons, 3 octoroons, 2 pickaninnies, 2 Mexicans, a mulatto, a chink, and a roan-colored Albanian hobo named Noodles. And I'll be goddammned if those weren't the best days of my life."
by Ronald T. McMurtry October 11, 2006
To have coffee and waffles for your breakfast
I am going to have coffles for my breakfast this morning.

Coffles are perfect for breakfast
by ChrisEeJay June 20, 2020
At the Comfort Inn Gary poured coffee into the waffle batter to make a coffle.
by Scrumble pants June 8, 2009