- A coffee-addict.
- Addicted to coffee and/or caffeine.
- Can't get enough of coffee.
- Can also be written as coff-a-holic / caffeholic.
Dil's a coffeeholic. Big time.
by KofiBeans September 19, 2006
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One who is so addicted to coffee to the point of being oblivious to the world at large until the first dose is gone.
I was standing in the kitchen making my morning Americano with cream and did not notice that the house painters were standing at the window looking directly at me hoping to get my attention. Coffeeholic that I am, I didn't even know the painters were at the house, much less looking right at me. My husband came back from his morning run and asked me why I ignored the painters.
by Americano with cream May 31, 2011
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Someone who's addicted to coffee and can't stop drinking it..absolutely loves drinking coffee and usually there aren't alternatives.. Coffeeholics take refuge in fast food chains (which sell pretty bad coffee..) if the local Starbucks or cafes and coffee shops aren't available.
Assistant: Hi Dr. Colleen, may I get you anything?
Dr. Colleen: In fact, yes...I could do a cup of coffee for this half an hour, two fraps. for the next, maybe one cappu. in a couple of hours, and let's do lunch with doughnuts and a latte..that's all..pretty good huh? And today I cut down my coffee intake..impressive!
Assistant: What a coffeeholic..
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One who is addicted to the combination of Coffee and liqueur.
Dave Devartainian suffers from a acute case of Coffeeholism and may be refereed as a Coffeeholic
by Danielberman23 December 23, 2014
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