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a single skid, that refers to hisself as a plural. likes to make fake jailbreaks and hype.
here, we can observe a coffeebreakers alt in the wild
shhh, we don’t want to disturb it
these alts travel in groups, ineffiectively brigading negative opinions against them. They survive off of attention on twitter and donations for non existent tools on their website
despite being called out numerous times by Luca and other *real* developers multiple times, a brigade of 11 year old followers still watch their every movement
looks like they’re running out of food. Watch as they craft an excuse for why they don’t have a jailbreak, and then claim to have an iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak by dragging the unmodified ZiVA exploit into the triple_fetch binary on their GitHub. Haxrs
fascinating creatures
lets continue with the tour
oui! They’ve become hostile! By bringing up the fact that the group doesn’t actually do anything, I’ve stirred them up into a fury! I must excecute a mating call to distract them!
there we go. They’re good and confused as to why exploitation of a secure operating system can’t be drag-and-drop. Looks like they’ll go back to their usual activities like browsing reddit, stealing work and logo design. This tour lives another day!
by nullpixel January 01, 2018
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