As a RPG gaming woman, it our way of administering a 'tea bagging' to a fallen enemy.

A very nasty way to finish off a kill, when humiliation and death are equally as important.

Coffee Bagging works best when described in full detail, including the length and density of bush and the time since it was last cleaned.
"I let my bush grow out to extreme jungle to give Stan the full-on coffee bagging that he deserves."

"You attack Gager with a stone spear for 5 damage. He is killed."
"Areria squats down and gives Gager a full coffee bagging to with her well-seasoned and fully, grown-out jungle bush before stealing his gold and breaking his axe."

"Dude, getting coffee bagged by sillylilypily is worth dying for."
by CyAdora October 06, 2009
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