This is what happens when two men hug each other and one of them forgets to slightly stick his ass out so as to prevent crotch to crotch contact.
The bar was so crowded that when Jake gave me a hug he cockbanged me.
by PapiChulapi June 08, 2006
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the noise made when your dick hits a hard surface with speed
woah did u hear that noise? must have been some cockbang
by eddyweddyfeddy May 18, 2008
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1.the physical motion of banging a cock or male genital, also known as a penis.
2. alternate term for sex
dude that chick was totally cockbanging me after we got home.
by ChupacabraChimichanga March 16, 2010
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an insult wich originates from barry in south wales u.k which is used as an alternative to, fag, queer, faggot, bumlover, poo pirate, fudge packer and so on
1st man: whys that guy looking at me like that?

2nd man: 'cos hes a cockbanger, didnt you know?
by southwalessniper December 06, 2009
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