A good insult in verbal deadlock, can only really be topped by "fuck you" or "gaylord". It refers to someone who shows sexual love via the means of anal sex. I know bumlover named ben who bumloves oscar.
"Ben is a bumlover."
"Ben bumloves oscar with his own and a plastic dildo"
"Dat Ben muthafuka iz a bumlover ya kno don"
by Petey Wetey July 29, 2006
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A casual word that represents the act of anal penetration or similar activities involving homosexual love making. Usually it is not used as a serious insult, but rather for a joke. This word is occasionally used with a hint of sarcasm.
*Tez listening to his iPod*
Nick: "Hey, lemme listen to that a sec?"
Tez: "Only if you gimme some bumlove ;)"
Nick: "You bet."
by Matt April 21, 2005
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Used as a term for Anal penetration, or as part of an insult intent on homosexuals.
"you give her a bit of the ol bumlove?"
"you like the bumlove?"
by Anonymous December 20, 2003
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love that occurs between the homeless
1- yo, see those bums goin at it?
2- fo sho, thats some bumlove goin on
by miss_masochist July 5, 2005
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