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see scab together.

1. n. A method of building and/or installation of a particular item with utter disregard for manufacturer's instructions, resulting in the item's total failure.

2. v. To install or fabricate something with complete apathy to anyone's safety and industry standards of quality. (cob it, cobbing it)
1. Dude, that book shelf is totally coming down. Whatever asshole installed that total cob job should stop smoking the herb.

2. Ford just keeps cobbing in the rear brake drums on the Focus, resulting in the rear wheels falling off.

"If you are cobbing it and you know it, it's ok. It's when you don't know it that matters."
A qualified craftsman can cut corners and mildly cob together a quick fix, but when a homeowner cobs something, you'd better beware.
"Man, my dad cobbed the stairs together and my mom fell through, breaking her neck. "
by technohermit September 06, 2006
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1.Services performed by somebody so bad that it has to be redone.
2. To receive something from somebody else that doesn't feel good.
Cousin to the nigger rig
1.That kid down the block did a real cob job mowing my front lawn yesterday.
2.By the look on his face, I bet he got the cob job from his boss today.
by Monkeyspank September 11, 2005
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slang for a something that is put together poorly (see to cobble).
As soon as I find a screwdriver I'll repair the shelf properly, but for now this cob job will have to do.
by jfb76 November 19, 2006
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Similiar to a blowjob except the chick sucks on the dick sideways, making the dick hit the inner cheek.
This time Maria gave me a Cob Job not a blowjob, its was diverse.
by Tyler B January 22, 2005
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1. When a person, place or thing performs the action, usually under circumstances.
2. Something seasoned sexually.
Example 1.
Betty: Hey, do you want a cob job??
Dale: Heck yeah, I want a cob job!

Example 2.

Adam: Did you add salt to this?
Lisa: No, it's a cob job, you imbecile.
by Brownie Boy May 06, 2014
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A blowjob, but the giver uses spider/cobwebs to increase the pleasure of the penis wielder.
Bro 1: Hey did you hear that Jake got a cob job on Hallowe'en?
Bro 2: Yeah man, his girl is super into spooky stuff
by eiirev August 19, 2019
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