A loud noise akin to a metal dustbin full of cutlery falling down some stairs.
Did you hear that band? Their bassist was making a right clutterbuck.
by Smite the Unbeliever March 17, 2011
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Hey, get your hand off my cluuterbuck!
I was scrubbin your mom's clutterbuck for hours.
by Benjamin the juicer January 12, 2006
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Getting really drunk, fucked up from way too many shots of hard booze.
How many patron shots did we do last night? I was straight clutterbucked.
by Kjlonz June 14, 2011
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One who has creepy and disturbing 'most visited' pages on his/her internet browser.
Child porn, seriously? You're such a Clutterbuck.

Your sister's holiday photos? So Clutterbuck.
by billynomates29 July 05, 2011
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Hitting an opponent with great speed and force usually in a sport. Term originates from hockey player Cal Clutterbuck.
"Did you see that hit in the game yesterday?'
"Yeah, dude got absolutely clutterbucked"
by TheMi1km@n October 01, 2020
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