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The person who is in charge (usually military) at the time of a clusterfuck. This person is usually inept at his/her job, and has used all possible resources to carry out a simple, straightforward task, only to start a cataclysmic chain of events.

One who clusterfucks, or has been clusterfucking. Can also be referred to as one who has been up to a bit of clusterfuckery.
1. "But General, I asked the Lieutenant to polish the big red button not push it. I know we have inadvertently started a major nuclear war with the worlds biggest superpower, but it should be that clusterfucker Corporal facing the firing squad, not me Sir."

2. "That window cleaner has not only made the windows dirtier, but he's also smashed four pains of glass and killed my dog! Well, I suppose I'd better go and give that clusterfucker his money before I phone the glazier and find the spade."

3. "I wish I wasn't such a useless clusterfucker."
by clusterfukr January 02, 2010
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Those drivers you see who leave a complete clusterfuck in their wake and have no idea of the chaos they cause.

You know, the ones who stop in the left lane cause they wanna make a right turn and don't want to be inconvenienced as to miss their street and have to go around the block, but don't give two shits or are just too self-absorbed to notice the four car pile up they almost caused by slamming on the brakes in the middle of the street before deciding to give any indication of their intentions by putting their right turn signal on once they are at a dead stop.

These same assclowns who exit the interstate from the left lane causeing the right two lanes of traffic to hit the brakes. Or they get to the end of an on ramp and STOP!

The ones who pull out of a shopping center straight to the left turn lane before figuring out they won't fit, so they end up completely blocking the lane going straight. And then just sit there, instead of backup up back into the parking lot and let traffic go by.

Can usually be found driving a prius, a caprice classic or some other shitty car.
"Look at this asshat coming out of the strip mall trying to get across two lanes of traffic to get to the left turn lane. Why didn't he just exit on the side street, and go straight thru the light? God, What a clusterfucker!"

"Check out this clusterfucker blocking the intersection?! Now we're gonna have to sit thru this light again... It should be legal to shoot stupid fucks."
by Hrothgar70 May 29, 2012
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