Jack: hey have you seen Jill anywhere?
Rob: yeah she's in her room clubbin' the clam, she'll be back soon.
by García April 26, 2017
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A girl who goes clubbing dressed as a cock tease usually with her thong hanging out.
As the music played, the more flesh was on show.
by <insert> October 2, 2004
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Dressing or acting as though you belong on a yacht, whether you are rich or not.
Chris: Yo Ryan, you're totally Yacht Clubbin' It in those sweet searsucker pants from Ralph Polo.
Ryan: Yacht Clubbin it?
Chris: Yeah dude, all you need is a skipper's hat and a nice cardigan.
by Ryanskim19@aim.com September 27, 2009
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Exact term is "HEAD CLUBBIN'!!!" A word that originated from a YouTube video of the same name. Apparently it means to be hit upside the head with a hard object such as a glass bottle, club or similar object that can KO a person.
Guy 1:Yo, groove!
Guy 2: What?
Guy 2: *is on the ground out cold*
by Twoslice April 3, 2008
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Drinkin 40's. Sam's Club sells in bulk, sorta like a 40 oz.
Friend 1: What are you drinkin tonight?
Friend 2: I don't have much money, so I'm Sam's clubbin it
by Ratty Patty November 9, 2005
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The act of being a giant tool, in which a group of two-eight tools go to a place owned by tools, to dance like tools with loud music made by tools.
"hey, me and tony and rockstar and J-Biz are Goin Clubbin tonight, wanna come?"

"...Its a tuesday night in February, you fucking tool."
by K, Time in January 16, 2010
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