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A type of house music that ranges from 130 to 140 bpm. It's greatly influenced by Baltimore Club music as well as the offspring Jersey Club Music. Philly Club doesn't only consist of remixes of ALL genres of music, but from any source that can make a sound; commercials, movies, acts of nature, etc. A Philly Club remix is described by producer DJ Sega, also the founder of this club sound, as not only music but an experience as a whole. Philly Club is also known in Philadelphia as "Party Music".

Philly Club is not only music made for the club atmosphere. Some remixes are purely produced to be listened to amongst a few friends at a time; comedy songs.
Alicia: "I love this song!!! Got you, Got you all up in check!!! Got you, Got you all up in check!!! It's so hype!!!!"

Sandra: "I love this song too. But he's saying, 'Got you, Got you all in check' It's actually a remix of Woo Hah by Busta Rhymes that DJ Sega did."

Alicia: "Oh, for real?"

Sandra: "Yea. One of my favorites is "Lotto Numbers"

Alicia: "Oh! I heard that one!!! That's the one with Day Day from Next Friday right?"

Sandra: "Yeah, but it's from the movie 'All About The Benjamins'. It's so hilarious!!"

Alicia: "Where can I get that song?"

Sandra: "It's somewhere on the net. I think I downloaded it from a program. But I'll send it to you"

Alicia: "Cool. Let me finish Wu-Tangin to this crazy track!!! Woo Hah!!!!"

Sandra: "I just LOVE Philly Club Music!!!!!"
by Club Music Addict January 07, 2009
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