possibly the best hardcore rapper ever. member of the wu tang clan. first album name was tical. frequently collaborates with redman. signature lyric is " I came to bring the pain!"
I came to bring the pain hardcore from the brain

original Method Man song from Tical in 1994
by kontract killa June 5, 2006
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The most under rated rapper ever.
Aka (Tical, Johny blaze, Iron lung)
Doc hold my coat I'm bout to go low. Titanic mc rock the boat Meth, tone def rhyme microphone sex line.
Next time dont forget the teck nine, step.
Bob digital context is critical, boomb threat theese individiual that's on deck.
So you the illest nigga in nebraska, hell nah it's the master, number sixteen party crasher, flex.
I think too much I drink too much my crew dont' realy give two fucks about you ducks, we overhere shaolin what spontaneous combust when I smoke a bag of dust.
Ahh what a rush, god be the dutch, Method man and Redman starsky and hutch.
I crush m.c's can't trust niggaz, niggaz can't trust me.
I'M A KILLA !!!!

Lyrics taken from Cereal killa a song from the black out album.
by KASE ONE February 5, 2007
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a knowledgable person in the field of methamphetamine and related compounds. Usually a method man will produce bulk amounts of crystal meth for sale on the streets.
u want hit sum ICE mah friend? head over to my good friend the method man.
by Doc joseph June 1, 2005
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Method is know world-wide to be the father or Method Boy. His personality is very similar to method boy's personality. They both often likes to come up with various theories and concept which are overly exaggerated and is quite unbelieveable. THese exaggertion may range from things such as gossip to theories about the universe and how their ass got enlarged by the moonlight.
Method Man: LAst night i was walking with my son on the full moon night. As we walk to the pond near our house. Our ass started to grow in size. Therefore we hypothesis that our ass is enlarged by the refelction of the moonlight on the pond's surface.

by Method industry March 11, 2008
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