pot smoke; smoke around when you exhale
when somebody is tryin to get high off ur smoke

"hey, you, get off my cloud" - method man
by Hot Nixon March 28, 2008
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1.)A cute fluffy object of love
2.)A possible nickname for a certain holeyfaced waffle
3.)A term tattooed on hobbit mannishbacks
1.) That cloud makes me eternally giddy.
2.) hi waffle!!!! damn, your face is holey.
3.) that fucking hobbit and his hairy cloudy back....
by Shannononononon May 15, 2006
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a girl who stays nuetral in a fight during art class.(christina Hanna)
I know someone whos name is cloud
by Dreama March 14, 2005
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Is a very cutey little thingy that is spikey haired and loved for Aeris,Tifa and for me!!!!!!!!!
by Iseria's Final Aeon March 02, 2005
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A Kid with a lazy eye who thinks he is the coolest and everybody knows hes a flaming homo sexual. some people say "he looks like a DOUCHE! with a small penis" others say he "is a gay homo faggot that thinks hes a pimp online and he likes to flame at people who thinks hes gay and likes to play Word of Warcraft and looks at his blood elfs boobs with his lazy eye and likes to get naked and thinks hes a hot stud an hawaiian gangster fuck tard an has a mega dildo in his mouth and thinks hes smart when he falls in love with men named Sigma."
Ryan says:

Did you guys see that retarded kid in front of the white house
hes such a cloud
by Mr.Hawking June 26, 2009
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