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Slang for nightclub. Derived from European pronunciation of club. Can also be spelled "clüb" (with an umlaut). Typically populated by guidos, persians, and SE Asians wearing tight, shiny clothes, or Ed Hardy shirts, who love Eurotrash trance music. Term most often used by hipsters and yuppies to emphasize the irony of their cloob attendance.
"I really need to go buy a sequined dress so I can fully rock out to Basshunter at the cloob tonight"
by YouCanFindMeInTheCloob March 29, 2010
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A cloob is defined as a bloody shit after anal but can be shortened too a bloody shit
That girl got fucked so hard that the next morning she had a cloob
by 420autism June 02, 2018
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The bend between a woman's leg and hip when she sits down. The lines that lead down to her vagina.
Damn, that bitch has a fucking nice cloob.
Look at my girlfriend's cloob in this picture, I bet your girlfriend barely even has a cloob.
by OGReemo August 28, 2017
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