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a girl who engages in sexual activity with multiple dudes without thinking about it or weighing out the consequences and then tries to justify it.
You bring the clomb to the dome zone, becuase you know she will suck ur dick.
by Cro-Breezy August 26, 2008
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An archaic past tense of the verb "climb". Usually misspelled as clumb. Still the preferred past tense of "climb" in some parts of the United States. Rhymes with "plum".
I clomb the tree to get my cat.
by John Bales September 24, 2006
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probably dead by now guy 1: That dashing young fellow clomb the Eiffel tower...while they were building it!!!

Probably dead by now guy 2 : What a remarkable young lad.
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by YellowQwert November 07, 2015
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