you got nic???
you clippin?
yeah i got nic
*passes nic stick*
by LmW- March 22, 2021
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clippin, clip, clipped, or clipper can be used in countless ways in many different contexts but here are the most commonly used:

1) a reference to the how a sound wave "clips" when it is too loud, or intense, and is therefore often used to emphasize the intensity or coolness of something

2) synonym for fuck or fucking (the sexual context)

3) unbelievably fatigued and/or sad

4) someone admired or hated (depending on vocal stress)
Respective examples:

1) What'd you think of the concert?
That shit was fckn clippin!
That shit clipped all kinds!

2) What do you think of Kelly?
I wanna clip her ass so bad.

What did you do with Kelly last night?
We were clippin.
We clipped all night.
I clipped her ass.

3) How you feeling?

4) What'd you think of the guitarist?
He's a fckn clipper! Badass shit, man!

What about that guy over there?
Sandra, are you serious? He looks like a total clipper.
by ohm arc March 1, 2008
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Yo, I saw you down at da' b-ball courts. You was clippin', homie.
by a fresh fellow April 4, 2005
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When a person is acting wild or just a certain type of way that is not them self.
Boy you clippin like shit right now!
by Roc pop February 25, 2017
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Same as whats up. askin what a person is doing
by Shelly December 25, 2002
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When you put clips in your hair to keep it in place
I would have been on my way here sooner but I was having a hard time Bobby clippin my hair
by ¤UMB¤UMadBro¤ July 18, 2021
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