What you use to wrap Roy Orbison up in.
My terrapin Jetta watched me slowly wrap Roy Orbison in clingfilm.
by mal June 21, 2004
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1..a clingy person who you dont like nd who annoys you when she links arms with you nd is a lesbo grrrrrr... or just someone you make up a song about, for instance;

sometimes it feel like i'm the cake and ur the clingfilm...

and no matter how many times u sing it by her she just doesnt get it. and then the next day she sends u a note sayin 'i hate you ur evil' then says im sorry i ddnt mean it, iv got a few loose screws in my nogin' (OMG who says tht?!) so u say 'yeh uv got a few of them' n block her but she keeps tryin 2 be ur 'frend' even tho uv caught her a hundred times bitchin about u! so whats the point tryin 2 be frends if u dont like each other?!?!
charlie*: urgh she wont leave me alone, she knows a dont like her and i know she doesnt like me!

randomer: shes just another piece of clingfilm. its like shes there 2 stick 2 u.
by sexiest ever January 02, 2006
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The act of covering your computer screen with cling film then wanking off to porn, discharging your load onto the screen. Thus feeling closer to spunking onto a real woman.
I Clingfilmed to Rachel Starr last night, it really makes me feel like im getting some action with her too! I like to be included in things.
by Syndrome of a Down 666 October 03, 2011
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When you are completely inept at wrapping any kind of food in clingfilm. When ordered to do so you have a slight panic attack.
Usually results in an entire roll of clingfilm being used to wrap a single pea, but the pea is still not wrapped properly.
Dad: Katherine, could you please wrap this chicken up?

Eva: Dont ask her, shes clingfilm retardant.

Katherine: No, I'll do it.


2 hours later...

Everything apart from the chicken is completely covered in clingfilm. Katherine is having a nervous breakdown.
by lazybumsinparis August 15, 2010
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